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In 2009 the members of the Love Remains ministry began a 2 year journey that tested the strength of the relationships between one another. Patience, forgiveness, trust, and love, would be stretched to the furthest.​ Some moved out of state, some began a life of marriage, and some isolated themselves from the rest. Spending many months apart with Jesus as our only focus, putting active ministry, and leadership roles on hold, we grew  in His Word, and grew closer in our walk with Him.

With a fresh start, a better understanding of          the Gospel, and what living like Jesus should be, this ministry began. We want to take what we have learned about love, and teach it to others.                 We want to be an encouragement to those who are broken, those who are weak, and those who are hurting. We want to show                   those who are searching for true love what “true love” is....JESUS!!!

We’ll never be perfect, and we’re still growing, but we want to share our story with others, and we would like to invite you to join with us as we continue to grow in Jesus, and begin showing what “true love” is throughout our cities, our backyards, our local communities, and in other Nations. 

Love Remains is not just about a band, entertainment, or music...Love Remains is a group of people that is all about loving God, and loving people. We believe that one great way of showing that love is through the avenue of music, and corporate worship. But we believe that there is much more that will come out of this than just music, and we hope to share that opportunity with you.

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